Saturday, September 27, 2008

Damn!~ Wasabi Ice Cream

Unlucky September for Morianz perhaps? In this short 1 month, 3 of our members. Yes 3, was admitted to hospital for for various reason. First it was Meng Hua, then Shirley and now its Khew.

As some of you might notice, I and a bunch of us friends had a football session today in school. But as bad luck strikes, Khew Wei Hoong left the field with a dislocated left elbow.

Even though he was in severe pain the moment he realise that his elbow was dislocated, he did not show it on his face and stand up like a man. Salute you bro! Oh yea wishing u a quick recovery too, as exam is just 2 weeks from now.
Ok onto another stuff, today was Lee Wei Lin, Andrew Jr's 18th birthday! We had some kind of celebration at Times Square. Just a normal eating out though. at Shabu Shabu. And he ate some of the most memorable wasabi flavour ice cream, made by us, for him on his 18th birthday!

And he needs a clown to entertain him on his 18th birthday lol

~andrew the birthday boy on left ryan on right~

~Kenneth: alarr where's the food....?!~

~food came, at last~


~Smiley face =) ~

~want some?~

andrew gaying....

and leaving.

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