Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mini Morianz' Gathering; Chicken Buffet; Ass Scratching Show

Yesterday (3rd May) we had a mini Morianz' gathering at TS. I, Son, Szeto, Johnny, Alvin, Shim, Marcus, Seng Jun, Chen Fai, Joel and Andrew were there. I rushes to TS immediately after I dismisses the Boys' Scout on 11.30am. Old classmates~ yeah~!

As everybody reaches, we heads to the Old Town Cafe. Chatted about all kind of stuff, and Johnny's still at his crappiest best, making us all had stomach cramp as a result of 'over-laughing'.

~I was beside Johnny if you NOTICE. p/s: pic grabbed from Shim~

After movie, some of them went to bowling as I, Son, Szeto, Johnny and Alvin went for dinner. Chicken Buffet~

RM20 for 2 hours and I could say, it's kind of worth it. Ate everything there is, and we only sat there for 1 1/2 hours. We were all full at the fullest, and even have feelings of throwing up. We just aren't expecting ourselves to be sooo fulled, in addition with some funny scenes.

While eating, I spotted a worker scratching his ass behind the glass of the restaurant. Luckily enough it wasn't the worker of the restaurant. We laugh the hell out of us, and almost everybody in the restaurant were looking at us. Embarrassing moments!

~bought myself a new slipper in the process~

While wandering around TS, met Alan, a friend which I met in NS. His hair is longer than mine! alar~~

Oh by the way, we are planning for football! This Saturday probably, either in the morning or evening. Quickly confirm yr participation!

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