Saturday, May 10, 2008

David VS Goliath

Practice makes perfect. That's very true indeed. Practices sharpen your skills, and of course yr understandings between teammates. Yesterday night, we play against a trained futsal team lead by Meng Shen's uncle and yes, we did not have a chance to fight back. But given the fact that they were trained by a coach, its no surprise that they are able to do so.
Though we were well beaten, it didn't stop us from having fun out of it. Aren't futsal meant for entertainment??

After futsal, went for 'dinner', around USJ area and look what we found

~Old Taste, or Old Town??~

Spent the night at Eric's house. Damn was having Insomnia. I was unable to sleep until it was like.. 5 am?? And we 'woke up' around 8 am, for another football session, this time around in school. Sprained my right wrist again in the process. I was in the moment of shock and see no other things than stars, felt like vomitting and can hear no one. Luckily enough I didn't collapse in the middle of the field. LOL

"breakfast" on 1! CC on 2! lolz that's just us, you can't stop us from doing what we like. A total of 16 people crowded the CC and we were making a whle lot of noise before we leave.

Anyway, I'll be starting school again, on Monday back to MBSSKL and have to obey the rules never meant for teenagers for another 1 1/2 years.

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