Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am back from National Service! Kem PLKN Kampong Hijrah, Penor, Kuantan!

Hey everybody I am back, 'graduating' from my National Service Program! National Service will be a great memory to me, no matter good or bad. The people I know there is amazing and gosh, I love them!

Being involved in National Service is something to be sad about initially, but after months there, I realize that NS is very fun and good indeed. Words alone cant describe it. Many new friends, new experience, new skills and new stuff i gained over there in Kem PLKN Kampong Hijrah, Penor, Kuantan. Never regret going there, never.

Alpha, my beloved company of red are the champions among the other 3 company! The blueish Bravo, yellowish Charlie and greenish Delta. The total of 385 trainee fighting each other out for the final victory is something to be valued of. I'll never forget the 49 wira and 46 wirawati of Perajurit Alpha!

Being Sergeant of the camp is something which I have been hoping and craving for even before settling foot into the camp. In the end, I got the 3 balaks, and the final award everyone was hoping for was landed onto my hand of the faithful morning of 10th March 2008, I was named as the Best Trainee of Kem PLKN Kg. Hijrah, Penor. Tears cant stop falling the moment after I get the award. Flashing back, it was just like a minute ago. Making the Chinese proud is the best achievement I had there.

After the Chinese New year break, we undergone training for Colt M16, Flying Fox, Repelling, Kayak and numerous class activities. For the flying fox, I gained many personal experience as ow to be responsible of people's life. As I was honoured the responsibility to handle the rope used for this activity, holding on to some one's life isn't a light weight duty. From there, I really really learned a lot. Credits to Cikgu Mustapha, of of my trainer which I always appraise of, the best trainer I ever had and definitely the best trainer in Penor!

On my personal notes, I now know what it is to be living with people of different culture, society, background, teachings, religion, race and behaviour. the other 24 dormates of mine all came from different states and I respect everyone of them. Anam, Zuar, Wok, Akie, Afiq, Epul, Elephant, Weng, Jacky, Amirul, Emy, Kevin, Yu, Kae-U, Khuzaifah, Syamsul, Hafizz (G), Ewan, Shak, King, Ramlan, Fajar, Kah Choon and Wan. I'll never be able to forget them.

311 gang. The gang of Chinese wira of the same 'channel' and 'frequency'. I'm missing them already. Sau Shiunn, Shao Lin, Billy, Ah Yew, Pang, Allan, Elephant, Jacky, Kah Choon, Weng, Guang Guang, Ma Yi, Harry Potter, Wei Kang and the Crazy girls. Loo Shen Yeong is another person I'll never forget.

On 1st March 2008, I had a Birthday celebration of my life. I'll never forget it. The 311 members bought everything they could in the camp, such as 'burger double special', lots of nuggets and lots of junk food. But the high point isn't here. It is at the time when I was chased by all of them trying to get me and kiss me in my cheeks with chili sauce all over their lips. It was disgusting but, I love the way they did it =)

Kem PLKN Kampong Hijrah Penor, I'll never forget you. And the trainee there, by fate, we shall meet again!!

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