Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Last Breathe

Hmm.. You might not hear this so often, but Choo Wai Kien watched a horror movie! If you know me well, I don't pay to freak myself out. But after *ahem* the 'commander' of the day and also the person who was late for nearly 2 hours to the initial meeting time bought the ticket, I had no choice but to watch it. But to be honest, there aren't many scary moments except for the freakish bloody scene accompanied by the horror some music. During the movie, she covered her eyes with her handbag for about the WHOLE MOVIE! Such funny moments should have been recorded and posted up to Yuotube =p

Dinner time after the movie. Destination : Hong Kong Food Culture. Ate duck rice and then chit chatted for nearly 2 hours! All kind of rubbish we chatted about and we laughed out loudly as though as nobody's business. We only realise how late it is after the waitress approaches us and asked " have you paid?". LOL-ness as I answered "yea" but, we continue to sit down there for another 10 or 20 minutes! The facial expression of the waitress was so obvious that they want us to leave, IMMEDIATELY. And leave we did, to the joy of those waitress.

As I reaches home, I called Kel's couzy, Albert to enquire about the vacancy which Kel introduced and to my delight, he said I might start working as soon as this weekend! Desperately need a job to cover up my own expenses before i am off to the National Service.

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